Each season of the year brings its own set of unique qualities as well as reasons and holidays to celebrate. They also each bring a new set of potential hazards for pets. During autumn, use the following information to keep your pets safe so you and your pets can enjoy all this cool and colorful season has to offer.


During various fall celebrations, holidays, and festivals, many of us prepare, hand out, and consume plenty of sweet treats and savory meals. Be extra vigilant about all things sweet, especially those containing chocolate or the sugar substitute xylitol. Chocolate can cause a range of complications from vomiting and diarrhea to internal bleeding and heart attack. Just a small amount of xylitol can cause liver failure or death. Rich, fatty foods can also make pets sick and even cause medical issues such as pancreatitis.

Place food out of your pet’s reach and make guests aware of your rules about feeding pets from the table or their plates. Watch out for any dropped morsels during food preparation, parties, and meals. Off-limits foods can be enticing, and we all know how sneaky and fast pets can be.


Darkness falls early in autumn, and that may mean walking your dog after sunset. Perhaps you enjoy strolling through tree-dense areas, admiring leaves changing colors. During these walks, take special care to keep pups safe.

Use reflective clothing and gear to make you and your pet as visible as possible. Bring a flashlight along to illuminate pathways. Always keep dogs on a leash with up-to-date identification. At night, only walk familiar routes, preferably those with limited vehicle traffic. When walking through or around fallen leaves, watch where your dog’s snout and feet go. Piles of leaves can hide toxic mushrooms as well as snakes.

Open Doors

With costumed children shouting, “trick or treat” and visitors ringing the doorbell in staggered waves, pets have more opportunities than usual to slip out of the house. The increased activity can also stress pets.

During these times, consider keeping pets in a safe area behind a pet gate or in an enclosed room with blankets and toys. It will reduce the chances of an escape, give you peace of mind, and help comfort stressed pets.


Fall and holiday decorations enliven homes and parties. Some also pose risk to the safety and health of pets. They can tangle themselves in or chew through electrical cords that power animated decorations. Pets can knock over or brush against candles. Dogs can make themselves sick on raw, moldy jack-o-lanterns.

When decorating, keep cords out of reach, use battery-powered candles instead of fire-powered ones, and make sure nothing goes into curious mouths and stomachs that shouldn’t go. With thoughtful décor placement and supervision, you can relax and enjoy a festive and stylish season.

Cool and colorful, autumn is the season of change. There’s plenty to enjoy about it for both people and pets. No matter the season, our pets rely on us to keep them protected and healthy. Whether out for a walk, enjoying a meal or gathering with friends and family, or bringing seasonal beauty to your home, a few extra precautions and proper supervision will ensure pet safety and a more enjoyable autumn.


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